The USA2Holland Internship Grant was created by the Netherland-America Foundation (NAF) to enable high-achieving, low-income American college students to pursue an actual working internship within a company in the Netherlands. Candidates will be upperclassmen or recent graduates from an American college or university who wish to further develop their career path in an international setting. This opportunity is meant for candidates who have a strong understanding of what they wish to pursue professionally, are independent and mature, and ready to take on the challenge of living and working internationally. Selected grantees will be provided with a monthly stipend for an internship up to 3 months.

Important: This application is for applicants interested in a summer internship only (May/June through August, in accordance with your class schedule). If you wish to pursue an internship longer than 3 months, please submit an application for the Career Internship.

Applications for summer 2024 internships are closed. Applications for summer 2025 internships are open through December 1, 2024.

To qualify for an award, the following minimum requirements apply:

  • You are registered as a full-time student at an American college or university or a recent graduate
  • You will not take time off from your academic schedule to complete the internship
  • Without this grant, you do not have sufficient financial resources to fund your internship and you can show proof of receiving a Pell grant
  • You are 20 years or older on the date you submit your application
  • You are motivated to intern for a Dutch company
  • Your study results are sufficient to complete the internship (at least 3.0 GPA)

Please note that in the following application, the following documents are requested:

  • A letter of recommendation: Provide the email of your reference and a request will be sent directly to them
  • Proof of how you are financing your education, such as a screenshot of government aid
  • Photo or scan of the ID page of your passport
  • Resume
  • If you do not have an internship in the Netherlands, you are asked to supply a cover letter to a Dutch company, explaining your interest in acquiring an internship in the Netherlands
  • Proof of applying to at least 4 internships in the Netherlands
  • Transcript with most recent semester grades

Submitting an application does not automatically guarantee acceptance to this program and final decisions are made by an independent internship selection committee.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.